Primary Discipline

Primary Discipline: 

  • Old HierarchyLanguage and Literature
Secondary Discipline

Secondary Discipline: 

  • Old HierarchyPublic Health


Elizabeth Coons is an independent scholar who seeks to turn an interdisciplinary eye on under-documented stories.  A baccalaureate major in history and literature prompted her to ask why certain works of literature and art were possible only after a given time; and, in turn, how those works may have contributed to events to come.  Since her first graduate training in English literature and language (Yale Graduate School), Elizabeth has  earned an M.A. in Technical and Professional Writing, and has written software guides for use, implementation, and system administration.  With additional (and continuing) education, she qualified and works as a medical writer and editor in the life sciences.
While wearing a technical hat by day, Elizabeth has a vocal and literary nightlife.  Throughout her professional life, she has been a member and later an officer of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars and its local predecessor (the Alliance of Independent Scholars in Cambridge, Massachusetts).  That fellowship is so diverse in training and experience, and so resilient, that Elizabeth is never without “stretch goals” and good influences. She has written a historical biography of a women's rights activist; publication is expected early in 2020. To realize a long-standing ambition to be a poet-critic, she is now working to assemble her repertoire of poems with a paper on cognitive poetics
Affiliations beyond NCIS include the American Medical Writers Association, the Unitarian Universalist History Society (UUHS), the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences.

Current research areas: 

Cognitive poetics
The New England Woman's Club (founded 1868, part of a biography project)
Shakespeare's King Lear

Recent scholarly activity: 

She has written a historical biography of a women's rights activist; publication is expected early in 2020.

Other activities: 

Poetry writing classes and monthly meeting
Seeking part-time work via the American Medical Writers Association

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