NCIS Grant Awards Chair Dr Joan Cunningham reports that six NCIS members have been awarded a Special Research Support Grant (SRSG) of up to $150 in the second SRSG cycle of 2020. These small grants were offered to help  offset research-related expenses and, exceptionally, were also open to Associate as well as Full Members who had been paid-up members for at least 12 months by the deadline. The Board will be looking at repeating this type of small grant in the future.

NCIS is delighted to be able to assist our members through the Awards program, particularly in these different and difficult days, and wishes all the recipients success in their scholarly work!

Sheilamae Reyes Ablay (USA): transcription services
Karima Amer (France): Books - various related to field
Sherry Bryant (USA): Nvivo software
Yvonne Groseil (USA): Books - various related to field
Amanda Haste (France): Headphone/mic set; Books - various related to field
Janet Smith (England): subscription to the British Library online newspaper database
For details of these and other grants and prizes open to paid-up NCIS members go to www.ncis.org/grants. 

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