The National Coalition of Independent Scholars is pleased to offer the NCIS Conference Support Grant to help finance our members' participation in professional conferences. The grants are each for $250, and are awarded three times a year.

Please note that you need to have been a Full Member of NCIS in good standing for 18 months prior to the date of application. Associate members are not eligible for NCIS Conference Support Grants.


  • Approved participation in an upcoming conference in one of the following capacities: to present a paper, to chair a session, to appear on a discussion panel or roundtable, and/or to comment on a session.
  • Current paid-up NCIS full membership, and continuous membership for the 18 months prior to application
  • Applicants may not have been awarded an NCIS Conference Support Grant or Research Grant during the 18 months prior to submission.
  • Grants are awarded for upcoming Conferences and are not available retrospectively.


  • Statement (max 2 pages) that describes your contribution to the session in which you will participate. Please address “Judging Criteria” (below) in your statement, and include sponsor, date, and place of conference.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Conference details showing registration details, etc. (A link to conference website or screenshot will suffice).
  • List of other sources of grant support, if any.


  • Clarity of expression and/or argument
  • Contribution to field
  • Scholarly methodology
  • Relevance of conference to applicant’s own scholarly interests



  • February 1 for the Spring Award

[Conference must be scheduled to occur within 12 months from February 1]

  • June 1 for the Summer Award   

[Conference must be scheduled to occur within 12 months from June 1]

  • October 1 for the Fall Award.  

[Conference must be scheduled to occur within 12 months from October 1]



  •  Awards will be announced as soon as possible, but will be announced at the latest by March 1, July 1 and November 1 respectively.


Grantees are expected to remain members in good standing for at least one year following the NCIS-supported conference.

As a grantee you are required to:

  • List “National Coalition of Independent Scholars” as your affiliation (or co-affiliation) in any resulting publications.
  • Promote NCIS to your fellow scholars by placing NCIS brochures on conference literature tables. Download brochures here.
  • Thank NCIS for its support in any conference related proceedings or subsequent publications.
  • Send a short summary of your participation (with a photo if possible) to and so we can publish it. Your report may appear on NCIS social media, in The Independent Scholar (item on NCIS grantees) or in any other NCIS publication, digital or print.
  • Grantees are invited to attend a meeting of the Board of Directors with feedback on their experience of being an NCIS-funded representative of NCIS at the conference. This provides valuable data so that we can continue to improve our member services.

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