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Primary Discipline

Primary Discipline: 

  • Old HierarchyPsychology
Secondary Discipline

Secondary Discipline: 

  • Social SciencesPsychologyCultural psychology

Further Specification: 

Immigrant & Migrant Latinx Mental Health Interventions


A passionate mental health clinician and scholar looking to bring forth important contributions to the field of mental health regarding mental health practices with historically underrepresented populations, specifically related to Latino immigrant mental health issues. I received my Masters from Purdue University Northwest in Marriage and Family in 2016 and have been working full-time at one of Chicago's largest hispanic serving agency. I also have been working as a limited-term lecturer connecting the young generation with a passion for advovacy, change, and representation. I am a proud first-generation Mexican-American that enjoys laughing, animals, and dancing.

Current research areas: 

-Reducing Healthcare Disparity Gap (mental health) among vulnerable populations (e.g. low SES, ethnic minority, homeless, immigrant communities)
-Increasing competent and ethical mental health care treatment frameworks among high-risk communities (e.g. low SES, high crime/violence/trauma communities).

Recent scholarly activity: 

Currently working on investigating residential treatment models in a variety of treatment settings.

Recent publications: 

Currently working on publishing following research: Mindfulness-Based Group Training & Latino Immigrant Community: Preliminary Evidence for Therapeutic Alternative to Reduce Depression, Anxiety, and Perceived Stress and Increased Self-Compassion Using Pre-and Post- Test Design

Forthcoming research: 

Other activities: 

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